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Win32++ 6.1 released

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

We can read the following news post on the Win32++ sourceforge page :

Version 6.1 of Win32++ is now available for download.

New Features in 6.1
* All Win32++ code has been moved to header files.
* Added CListView class.
* Added CTreeView class.
* Added CPoint CRect and CSize classes.
* Merged CMDIApp into CWinApp.

You also might want to visit the official Win32++ website .

Win32++ 6.0 released

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Win32++ is the framework Startup Manager uses for its GUI. It is an opensource project, hosted on sourceforge and licensed under the MIT license.

The following major changes were announced:

  • Added Networking support. Win32++ now includes a CSocket class which encapsulates much of the Winsock API.
  • Added a CDC class. This class simplifies the drawing to device contexts. This class can be used anywhere we would normally use a HDC.

You might be interested in doing one of the following actions:

Win32++ Version 5.6 Released

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Win32++ is the framework Startup Manager uses for its GUI. It is a simple MFC alternative for C++ developers, ideal for beginners and intermediate programmers. It’s a framework for developing frame and dialog based applications. It supports most compilers including Dev-C++ and Visual 2005 Express. And most important: it is opensource (MIT license).

Changes include support for property sheets (modal, modeless and wizard) and an improvement of the theming support. For more information check the Win32++ news item or refer to the release notes.