Startup Manager 2.4.2 re-released

Today we re-released Startup Manager 2.4.2. Te reason for this re-release are numerous fixes in the OpenCandy version included in the installer. So if you already have Startup Manager 2.4.2 installed there is no reason to update because the Startup Manager version included in the installer is exactly the same.

Startup Manager 2.4.2 can be downloaded right here.
There also is an ANSI version available and source code available over here.
And finally there is a list with installers for the translations (all translations are also included in the Startup Manager setup file).

14 Responses to “Startup Manager 2.4.2 re-released”

  1. Mike Blake Says:

    Just a comment on the section in the help file about ‘Starting programs in a certain order’.
    In my version the batch file maker is found under the ‘File’ menu rather than the ‘edit’ also (just a personal foible) but there are a few typo’s about :-)

    Cheers……. Mike B

  2. Glenn Says:


    Thanks for the comment. The help file hasn’t been updated for a while, I’ll try to have it fixed with the next release.


  3. Lupo73 Says:

    Your is a very good software, can you consider to create a portable release of it? Or to make it able to support also a portable mode of use? Thank you very much!

  4. Glenn Says:


    There already is a portable version. Check the downloads section.


  5. Lupo73 Says:

    Sorry for the late.. I have tried the portable version, but it doesn’t start on my pc (Vista OS). Also the ansi portable version doesn’t work. I saw the portable version is only one exe, why? You could consider to make also the portable version as a zip archive containing License.txt, st-m.chm, Startup Manager.url…

  6. Glenn Says:


    Thanks for the message. I’m sorry if the portable version is not working for you, but I can’t help you fix it right now.
    Also you’ve got a good point about the way the portable version is distributed right now, an archive with all relevant files would indeed be better.


  7. Lupo73 Says:

    Also another user report me that can’t run the portable version. No error messages, but the application doesn’t work at all. Why you can’t fix it now? Can I help you in some way to do it? This application seems to be very good and powerful and many users of portable software would like to use it.

    ps: if the problem is that you can’t test it on a Vista system, I can make tests on my pc..

  8. Glenn Says:


    I can’t help you now because I don’t have a lot of spare time right now :-)
    But are you sure you are running Startup Manager with administrator privileges?

  9. Lupo73 Says:

    Yes.. but what is the difference between the normal and the portable releases? Because you could think to make only one release, with both modes supported: you only have to add a checking at the application startup, that check if a ini setting file is included in the application folder and in this case use it instead of system dir and registry to store settings.
    Anyway I hope to use this new release soon! :P

  10. Glenn Says:

    Well, the way settings are handled is determined at compile time. That’s why there are two versions.

  11. bill Says:

    I’ve just had another look at this, and admit I hadn’t noticed the startup sequencer. However, it seems to be a pain to set up, you have to enter each item individually, & it wouldn’t even let me cut&paste.
    Would it be possible just to move ~all~ the start progs in there as a default setup, then we could work on the base list?
    Aslo, I cumpleetly aggree wiv Mikeee Blake, above.
    Your help section needs a tech-sub-editor to correct the goofs. And the errors, like where to find the start-sequence panel. And the omissions (start-order has a tick-box called /wait. Does that mean we just have to wait for an explanation?)
    Sorry, but the help text  just doesn’t give a professional impression in it’s current state.
    (If you like, I can find time to do that for you, on a no-charge basis.)

  12. Glenn Says:

    Hi Bill,

    You are right in everything you mentioned. But you should know I’m a full time student and this is a project I work at in my spare time. The bad news is that the last year I barely had time to work on the project and my todo-list kept growing and growing. The plan is to get rid of the boot order tool and incorporate order/delay functionality in the main list. Maybe I’ll have more time from February on, but I’m affraid it will take another one and a half year…
    And of course, any help would be appreciated.


  13. Vlasta Says:

    This application is predetermined to be portable. Do you intend to make it work or not? For me to know if to stop using it because of its annoying installer every time I need it on some computer… As mentioned above, after launching there is no error message, nothing happens.
    Windows 7 x64

  14. Glenn Says:

    I am currently rewriting Startup Manager. Patience is the word…. I’m sorry I can’t help you now, you could always try using an older portable version.