Startup Manager 2.4.2 released

After four months, today we release Startup Manager 2.4.2

The new version 2.4.2 of Startup Manager – a program to manage the programs that start automatically that is available in a lot of languages – has some bug fixes and some small changes that will improve the user experience. For a complete list of changes, you might want to check our history file. Or just check the release notes. Startup Manager also is the first OpenCandy partner (read more).

Startup Manager 2.4.2 can be downloaded right here.
There also is an ANSI version available and source code available over here.
And finally there is a list with installers for the translations (all translations are also included in the Startup Manager setup file).

Also check the project page.

5 Responses to “Startup Manager 2.4.2 released”

  1. Patrick Patience Says:

    Great work!  Just wanted to let you know I’m still keeping an eye on this awesome project and I hope you do keep up the fantastic work, this is an amazing tool.

  2. Rob Says:

    It is very dissapointing to see people create good software and then taint the end user experience by bundling other crap with it. I have no need of Open candy or anything of the like. There is too much of this crap around and it spoils an otherwise good experience.
    I have had a relatively lengthy discussion with one person who recommended your program. He appears to disagree with me about the merits of addins like open candy. Just the name for me rings alarms. Add to this extra added components in an install that I have to figure out and I have to ask why bother. Now even if startup manager is the absolute best program I have ever seen, I am reluctant to recommend it.
    Software has to stand out on its own merits. If it fails to do so, then perhaps it was something that the world does not need. I will take a look a the portable version and see if it is free of unwanted components and if so may recommend that.
    Don’t feel too bad that I criticize addin programs. I am very critical of commercial companies who bundle unrequired components and bloat an otherwise good software.

  3. Glenn Says:

    Hi Rob,

    I respect your opinion, but allow me to say something. All OpenCandy does is add an extra page in the installer and recommend another piece of software which I personally have approved, also the option to install that extra software is unchecked by default.  So someone who just hits next without looking at the setup pages won’t end up with an extra application installed.

    And for very critical people like you (and also me, but I wanted to give OpenCandy a try anyway), there’s the possibility to run the Startup Manager installer without OpenCandy enabled. You can do so by running it with the /NOCANDY parameter. This parameter will completely disable OpenCandy (you can check the install script yourself if you want to).

  4. Disapointed User Says:

    I too agree that OpenCandy will make me stop using this fine piece of software. Startup Maneger was great until the addition of OpenCandy crapware/spyware.  Personally I dont trust there privacey policy nor do I agree to it.  Why not release an Installerless build of it for those who dont want OpenCandy? I know the nocandy parameter is there but I still dont trust ANY installer bundeled with OpenCandy not just Startup Manegers.

  5. Glenn Says:


    The portable versions don’t have an installer. Just to let you know.