New website

Anyone who hit the “project web site” button on the sourceforge page or tried to access will have noticed that he came on a different web page. I suggest you get used to it since that’s the new Startup Manager website. It is accessible through and is hosted by 1 & 1 Internet inc.

Our goal with this new website was to provide a fresh and modern looking design to anyone who is interested. The website uses WordPress as backend and is designed by George French (aka Deimnos).
As of today the new website replaces the old one, but it is not yet completely finished. The download page still needs some final touches and the wiki section isn’t implemented yet.

Enjoy the new website and the 2.4.1 Startup Manager release. And as always; all comments are appreciated.

One Response to “New website”

  1. Patrick Patience Says:

    Nice job George!  This looks abolutely fantastic, and is a huge overhaul from the previous template.  This design will certainl help users downloading the software instead of skipping past the previous (no, offence) eyesore design.

    Thanks for the link.  I’m finally getting around to an update this summer (July), and I will add the nice new Startup Manager logo then.

    Congrats on the 2.4.1 release as well.  This is an absolutely fantastic piece of software!