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Win32++ 6.0 released

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Win32++ is the framework Startup Manager uses for its GUI. It is an opensource project, hosted on sourceforge and licensed under the MIT license.

The following major changes were announced:

  • Added Networking support. Win32++ now includes a CSocket class which encapsulates much of the Winsock API.
  • Added a CDC class. This class simplifies the drawing to device contexts. This class can be used anywhere we would normally use a HDC.

You might be interested in doing one of the following actions:

New website: The progress

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

As announced, we are currently working at a new website for the Startup Manager project. I’d like to thank Deimnos, he’s the guy working at the website. And as if that was not enough, he also donated webspace and the domain name . Thank you very much!

So far we already have done quite a bit of work and we are at a point we can already show you the website (however it’s not yet at a point where we can release it and replace the old website). If you want to, you can already visit it on the new domain name .
Just like the old website, we’ll also be using the WordPress CMS as backend now. With the difference that now the WordPress CMS is integrated into the website instead of the website into WordPress, which is the case with the old website.
If you visit the new website, you’ll note that the wiki page is still under development and that the news page’s css isn’t fully written yet (WordPress has way too many css classes :P ). And if you happen to visit the website using M$ Internet Explorer, you’ll notice the layout is messed up (the content boxes are not displayed correctly). We’ll fix this later, first we’ll implement the entire css, then we’ll make it IE compatible.

That’s it for now, I or Deimnos will write another news post when the website reaches the point where we’ll be able to throw it online. And again; all comments are appreciated!