New website: the design

As Startup Manager is becoming more and more grown up, I wanted to see that reflected in the project website. Currently the website is a custom theme used with the WordPress content management system and it looks a lot like a blog instead of a project website. Therefore I posted a “help wanted” message asking for someone who wanted to update the website.

Well, I recieved some reactions on this post and discussed a bit about the website design I’d like. Right now deimnos is a member of the project and is working at the website. And we hope to have it online soon.

There’s a preview of the new website available here.

I hope you like it, any comments are appreciated.

One Response to “New website: the design”

  1. Kris Says:

    The layout neatness itself. Words up! Also: you have really put a lot of work into this project and the result you have so far is pretty much deserved. It is cool to see how others get involved. Open Source FTW!

    Keep up the good work man ;-) You know me.