Over 50.000 downloads so far!

First of all: A happy new year to everyone! And then the news…

Startup Manager has been downloaded over 50000 times!

St-m is a startup manager for windows. Its main functionality consists of adding, removing and renaming items to the windows startup sections. It also supports enabling/disabling items and the disabled items are msconfig compatible. Startup Manager supports the following start sections: the two start folders, win.ini, the main registry start sections for current and all users (run, run once, run services, …) and also the winlogon sections (userinit and shell) and it can also handle browser helper objects. There also is a tool to create a *.bat file that starts programs in a certain order.

As these are the last hours of 2007, I use this opportunity to share our plans for the project for 2008.
First of all, in the latest versions I’ve been busy updating the boot core piece by piece, I’d like to have this done by the next release (version 2.4.1), what remains to be done is improving the exception handling and replacing some of the datastructures used with stl containers (I’ll replace the std::vector that contains all sections with a std::map and the home-brewn list from which all sections inherit with a std::list).
Then I plan to implement a new feature: program-delaying. This feature will introduce a new column in the main listview with a timeout for each item. I’m not going to explain all of the details how I’d like to implement it now, I’ll post them at the appropriate moment. By the way, this feature is planned for version 2.5, which should be the next one after version 2.4.1.
And that’s not all, also there will be a new project website. I think the current one looks too much like a blog (probably because it’s just a home-brewn wordpress theme). The new website will get a modern look and well, look like a real project website.

That’s it for now.

The latest version of Startup Manager can be downloaded at:

And the project summary page is located over here:

To visit the project website, click the following link (note that the website is not yet ready to be thrown online):

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