Startup Manager 2.4 released!

After a long delay (almost a month late) I finally released Startup Manager 2.4. It took so long because I had some problems finding volunteers to update some of the translations.

The new version 2.4 of Startup Manager – a program to manage the programs that start automatically – now adds support for Browser Helper Objects. Another major change you’ll notice are the new menus, they look a bit like the ms office 2003 menus now and there is a nice title bar in the left view.

With this release there are also four new languages available: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Norwegian and Swedish.

For a complete list of changes, you might want to check our history file. Or just check the release notes.

Startup Manager 2.4 can be downloaded at here.
There also is an ANSI version available and source code available at the following location.
And finally there is a list with installers for the translations (all translations are also included in the Startup Manager setup file).

You might also want to check the st-m sourceforge page.

3 Responses to “Startup Manager 2.4 released!”

  1. Winizio User Says:

    would like to update

    thank you.

  2. Glenn Says:

    Hi, I tried to contact the wininizio admins a while ago, but I didn’t get a response. I’ll try to contact them again. In the mean while, you can download the latest version in the downloads section: (also portable versions available).

  3. Brin Says:

    Hello, nice site :)