Doxygen documentation

It is a fact that projects of the proportions of Startup Manager need good documentation. But as I haven’t had time so far to write this documentation myself, I used doxygen to generate it.

Doxygen was used to generate documentation for the Startup Manager boot core (the Boot namespace). I also haven’t had the time to write doxygen-style comments in the Startup Manager source files, but I think the current documentation already provides a lot of very useful information such as dependencies and usage. I’ll comment the Startup Manager source code with doxygen-style comments as soon as I find some time.

At this moment the documentation can be found on the following url:
It will be on that location until I finished the comments and the entire documentation is ready. Then it’ll be published on the project website.

-Edit: I’ve added doxygen-style comments to all classes in the boot namespace. The documentation with comments is now available at over here.

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