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Over 50.000 downloads so far!

Monday, December 31st, 2007

First of all: A happy new year to everyone! And then the news…

Startup Manager has been downloaded over 50000 times!

St-m is a startup manager for windows. Its main functionality consists of adding, removing and renaming items to the windows startup sections. It also supports enabling/disabling items and the disabled items are msconfig compatible. Startup Manager supports the following start sections: the two start folders, win.ini, the main registry start sections for current and all users (run, run once, run services, …) and also the winlogon sections (userinit and shell) and it can also handle browser helper objects. There also is a tool to create a *.bat file that starts programs in a certain order.


Anyone wants to update this website?

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

The project is becoming more and more grown up and I would like to see this reflected in the project’s website.
Currently the website is nothing more then a homebrewn design used as a theme for the wordpress content management system. I would like the website to have its own system and a design that fits for a software project rather than a weblog like it is now.

If you are interested in spending your precious time on our project, feel free to contact me.

Startup Manager 2.4 released!

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

After a long delay (almost a month late) I finally released Startup Manager 2.4. It took so long because I had some problems finding volunteers to update some of the translations.

The new version 2.4 of Startup Manager – a program to manage the programs that start automatically – now adds support for Browser Helper Objects. Another major change you’ll notice are the new menus, they look a bit like the ms office 2003 menus now and there is a nice title bar in the left view.

With this release there are also four new languages available: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Norwegian and Swedish.

For a complete list of changes, you might want to check our history file. Or just check the release notes.

Startup Manager 2.4 can be downloaded at here.
There also is an ANSI version available and source code available at the following location.
And finally there is a list with installers for the translations (all translations are also included in the Startup Manager setup file).

You might also want to check the st-m sourceforge page.

Win32++ Version 5.6 Released

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Win32++ is the framework Startup Manager uses for its GUI. It is a simple MFC alternative for C++ developers, ideal for beginners and intermediate programmers. It’s a framework for developing frame and dialog based applications. It supports most compilers including Dev-C++ and Visual 2005 Express. And most important: it is opensource (MIT license).

Changes include support for property sheets (modal, modeless and wizard) and an improvement of the theming support. For more information check the Win32++ news item or refer to the release notes.

Help! Urgent: Catalan translator…

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

We seem to have a rather annoying problem…

So far we’ve been unable to find someone who wants to update our Catalan translation. And before I can release Startup Manager 2.4, this translation needs to be updated too (the others already are). It’s not a lot of work, only 12 sentences.

Interested? Leave a reply on this post or contact me at cnx_glenn [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net.

Thanks in advance for helping us out!

[Update 11/13/07 17:42 - ferranb helped us out, thank you!]

New tracker: Translation errors

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Yesterday I created a new tracker called “Translation errors“. Its purpose is to provide users an interface to report errors in translations of Startup Manager such as spelling mistakes or badly translated sentences.

In my opinion this tracker is usefull because even the best can make a typing mistake and trying to find these mistakes in your own text isn’t easy. I know this from experience.

So if you discovered a mistake in one of the translations, please report it. The report form is over here. Please read the guidlines before submitting an item and make sure your not double-posting.

Doxygen documentation

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

It is a fact that projects of the proportions of Startup Manager need good documentation. But as I haven’t had time so far to write this documentation myself, I used doxygen to generate it.

Startup Manager 2.3.2 released

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Like the previous one, the 2.3.2 release isn’t a major release either. But it certainly contains some new interesting interface features. For instance it now is possible to sort the start items in the main view by clicking the column headers and there are in-place tooltips for items that don’t fit their cell width.
The properties dialogs were updated too, now it is possible to select and copy the values.

Startup Manager also became better at handling invalid registry items and the bootcore exception handling was also improved.


Startup Manager on download sites

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

To make this project a little more famous, I’ve submitted it to several software download sites. The awards Startup Manager gets from these download sites can be found on our wiki-page.


Startup Manager 2.3.1 released

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Not a major release this time, just some bugfixes and minor feature additions. It now is possible to delete a selection of multiple items and there is a run button to run an item now.

The most important bugfix is that now all transparency problems in the properties dialogs are solved. Thus the icons in the tab controls and the static text fields have a correct background color now. Also when Startup Manager regains focus, this focus is set to the correct control now.